Fifi « LOVE » ❤️

It is in the tone of the banter of which she alone has the secret that Fifi Chachnil wrote this album. Around her, her friends created the harmony: Pierre and Gilles for the photo of the delightful cover, Jean-Pierre Stora for the music and Philippe Katerine for a bespoke song but also for a duet worthy of an operetta, accompanied by Roger Pouly on piano and Philippe Eveno on guitar.

She talks about love, but also Brooklyn, Soho and Paris. Built in the style of a musical conversation, these ten strolls express a thirst for lightness, a charming frivolity, pillars of Fifi’s universe.

The clouds are pink, the cities are in the countryside, and the mice sneak around, like humor. “Oui, je sais que j’ai un grain” (“Yes I know I’m a little bit crazy”) she sings. Delicate but mischievous, the creative singer transforms “an “ordinary day” into a madness of everyday life or gets on a scooter (the mobylette in French) to go to the funfair. 

As if to remind us that “pleasure is a serious thing”. And that love permeates every note of life…

🎶 “Mobylette” 🎶

Music Jean-Pierre Stora – Lyrics Pascal Mounet – Production Charles Serruya

With David Daim

« Mademoiselle Fifi »

EP 5 songs also available

Fifi Chachnil came back to singing in the 2000 with Philippe Katerine and released an EP in 2010 “Mademoiselle Fifi “ written by Philippe Katerine and Jean-Pierre Stora.

 She performed at the Crazy Horse, Castel, Les Trois Baudets in Paris At the Baron of Paris, London, Tokyo…

After a few concerts in London she decided to write her own songs in French still with Jean-Pierre Stora and Philippe Katerine and released her first album on the 15th of November of 2019.