La Maison


“The style hasn’t changed, but the way we do things has.”

The Fifi style is impertinence. It is the love of outfits and uniforms where accessories such as lingerie are king.

The way to do it is a conception of fashion against consumerism. She favors the seasonality of collections against a frantic commercial rhythm, she prefers the French know-how and its unique materials, to anarchic production.


Dream materials: the fabric as a heritage

Jersey, jacquards, Ottoman fabrics, flocked, stitched or embossed fabrics, organzas and silk faille. It is in exceptional fabrics, reflection of French heritage, that Fifi Chachnil carves each of her collections: treasures inherited from family archives, since the designer comes from a line of silk manufacturers (René Veron), having supplied the biggest French fashion houses.

There are also lace, sequined tulles and embroidered cottons from Calais, angoras knitted in Roanne. Each of these skills bears witness to a time that fashion struggles to remember but to which the Maison Fifi Chachnil unfailingly pays tribute in its collections.


A production made in the 1st arrondissement of Paris.

“Do less, but do it better!”

Since 2016, Fifi Chachnil has brought this credo to life. First by producing its pieces in its Parisian workshop in the 1st arrondissement, then by offering a tailor-made service for all collections (permanent or seasonal) in store.

To choose a reasoned production, the designer had to have the makings of a heroine, and the freedom that the independence of her house offers her.

“There is nothing older than novelty.”

By transposing this phrase from Cocteau to fashion, Fifi Chachnil chooses to venerate the woman and not the garment of which she is however the architect. In order to “make a woman’s desire come alive and not anticipate it”, her house offers summer collections in summer, autumn in autumn, but also tailor-made ready-to-wear pieces.


Made-to-measure pieces, a manifesto for women

“Elegance lies in the right measure and the choice of its own fabrics. “

At Fifi Chachnil, it is the dress that takes the contours of the woman, not the other way around. But it’s always the dress that will sublimate her. After taking measurements, each client can choose the fabric of their choice, even if it means drawing from old collections. The most audacious will take the coquetry even further by matching outfit and lingerie!